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Tell Someone

Poverty is often a difficult concept to understand. But this is what you need to know. It might even change the way you think.

Did you know?


  • 1 in 5 children in LA live in poverty.

  • Nearly 40,000 in LA are homeless.

  • 18% of post-9/11 veterans are unemployed.

  • 375 kids drop out of high school each week in LA.

  • The cost of leaving someone on the street for two years: $187,288

  • The cost of housing someone in permanent supportive housing for two years: $107,032

  • It’s nearly 43% cheaper to house someone than to leave them on the streets.

  • 16,000 students drop out of high school in LA county every year.


Don’t just read this share it, tweet it, post it. Tell someone that you’re #United4LA to end the cycle of poverty in LA.

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